Caterite Foodservice
A small overview of printed & digital collateral for Caterite. This collection showcases the Four Seasons Fresh produce guide, the 2017 food exhibition guide, yearly calendars, a small selection of digital artwork for the Caterite website and weekly email templates.
Four Seasons Fresh Brochure

Printed guide showcasing the 'Four Seasons Fresh' produce department and their entire range. This guide also provided seasonal growing information, interesting facts and information on both local and international suppliers. 
Expo Guide

2017 Food & Wine guide for Caterite's annual exhibition. This was created to go alongside an event, showcasing all attending suppliers, products available and any discounts. 
2016 Calendar 

A3 calendar that gets sent out to all customers. 2016 focused on the 'Four Seasons Fresh' department, showcasing seasonality, local and international suppliers and interesting facts about produce and where they're sourced from. The focus of the calendar changes every year, 2015 focused on the 'Prime cuts' butchery department and 2017 focused on local suppliers in and around the Lake District. 

A small selection of banner designs created for the Caterite website. These changed on a monthly basis to co-inside with the monthly product brochure they sent out. Weekly emails were also created to inform customers of upcoming events and promotions.
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